Wooden Bamboo Build & Ball Run Musical Set
Wooden Bamboo Build & Ball Run Musical Set
Wooden Bamboo Build & Ball Run Musical Set
Wooden Bamboo Build & Ball Run Musical Set
Cubzu x Udeas

Wooden Bamboo Build & Ball Run Musical Set

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The Bamboo Build & Run Basic Kit is a high quality marble run that offers unlimited possibilities for 3-dimensional thinking, creativity and technical understanding. Marble Runs are a great toy that expand your child's learning by helping the develop STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) skills as they build different configurations.

Hand crafted carbonised tracks, colourful cylinders, and sustainable wooden powder spirals, each with a different function are the starting point for an infinite number of designs for marble to drop to a new level, go right or left or pour out of the spirals. It offers many different ways to engage kids in engineering and problem solving challenges.

Musical notes will play when marbles roll into the eight chiming metal pieces. An exclusive music chiming track are included for extraordinary fun! Tune holder detachable design make it easy for children to adjust musical notes imaginatively.

The set contains an instruction booklet to introduce you and your child to the basic principles of playing with Build & Run, the booklet also includes a variety of tricks and tips on how to make connections between the colourful cylinders and tracks with its fun functional pieces.

Marble runs are a timeless toy that will provide entertainment for the whole family.

Eco-friendly educational toy
Helps develop STEM Skills (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths)
Also helps with fine-motor skills, imaginative thinking, innovative creation and cognitive abilities.
Recommended Age: 4+

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